Suspend rule for a period of time?

Greetings. How do I suspend a rule for a period of time once it has run. For example; in Alexa routines, I can have a routine run only during certain hours and once it has run it will not run again for a specified period of time.
Alexa routine ... In the morning, I walk in a room, the lights come on, after five minutes they go off and they will not automatically come on again for 3 hours.

How can I accomplish this using Habitat?
Thank you

In Rule Machine, have a Required Expression of Private Boolean true. Then when the rule runs, whatever it is, set Private Boolean to false, and have another action that sets it to true some time later (delay on the action would work).

In a similar fashion, Rule Machine could pause another app, and then resume (un-pause) it some time later (this rule triggered by same thing that triggers the app the first time).

Thank you for this advice and especially the quick reply.
Sounds good, I'll give it a try. Thank you.

Thanks bravenel. Here's what I did. Fingers crossed I understood and set this up properly. I so enjoy Hubitat and this community.

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