Suspected zigbee bug, device not logging events

I have several Zigbee securify peanut plugs, been using them for years with Hubitat. I have a rule that would not trigger when the plug turn off and was troubleshooting when I noticed it is not logging anything. Outlet turns on and off via the device page and via the Alexa skill but never ever logs anything. I have tried removing and adding the device back to no avail. And yes, logging is turned on. Any ideas

Both the debug logging and descriptive text logging appear on main Logs page (when they happen) and historical events can be reviewed on the past logs tab. Likewise for any app logging you might enable.

From the left menu, select Logs (last option on the menu).

I understand that, but neither are logging anything. That is why I am posting. I even included screenshot showing that

If the Event log is empty, but the device is still controlled by Hubitat, then I recommend doing a full shutdown. Remove power (from the wall outlet end). Wait 30 seconds, and re-power your Hubitat.

If that doesn't fix it, then you likely have database corruption and need to do a Soft Reset.

That is different from half of what BobbyD described; it's possible you could get debug logs but not events (which, as mentioned, will generally also get logged as info logs), but your screenshot only shows the latter.

The above advice can't hurt, but for some other ideas: if you haven't tried just hitting "Configure" on the device page (to run that command; you won't see anything, except perhaps in logs), that would be my first suggestion. It sounds like you've tried re-pairing the device, but that can't hurt either (without deleting it first--as a Zigbee device, it will be recognized as the same device, so you won't need to re-do any apps; you could certainly also do it after deleting the device, but you'll have to remove it from any apps first and re-add it afterwards).

Some other considerations:

  • What driver are you using for this device? (This shows up under "Type" on the device page.)
  • What does the rest of your Zigbee network look like? Specifically, any smart bulbs? Also, do you have a lot of Peanut Plugs? I know some users reported "large" numbers of them to be problematic in the past, but I don't recall exactly how...
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Rapidly changing routing table that would cause other devices (mostly end-devices) to stochastically fall off.

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what version is your hub on? I noticed this behavior on a previous 2.3.1 beta version, which for me got fixed with the latest version.