Suppressing Logs

Is there any way to suppress or limit logging from individual devices ?

We have a Hue Motion Sensor and a Honeywell T6 that spews out dozens of Humidity, Lux and Temperature readings that are of little or no interest to us. It's just white noise and makes reading Past Logs difficult.

Usually in the individual device page you can just switch off 'descriptionText logging' and save preferences.

Not looking to switch off all logging for these devices eg logging motion changes from the Hue sensor are important but I'm not interested in the Lux or temperature logs from this device. Equally, I'm not interested in the Humidity readings from the T6 yet they make up 90% of the thermostat logs.

Why? Unless it doesn't work, what purpose does this function?


You can filter very well on the logging page.
When you've done your first filter on device, type something in "search", like " active".
I put a space in front because there's an "inactive", lol.

For example:

I don't have the Hue motion sensors but you may be able to stop them reporting Humidity and Temperature (if you're not using those values for anything) in the device preferences.

I have motion sensors outside that are only used for luminance and/or temperature. For those I've switched off motion as it's not needed. Take a look at the preferences on the individual device page and see if there are any options for adjusting how often those values are reported or if they can be disabled entirely.

Thank you ! Not sure how I missed the pref option on the Hue Motion Sensor - but you are spot on. Have disabled the lux and temp reporting which help a lot.

Now just have to switch off the humidity logs for the Honeywell T6. .....

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Sorry, new to Hubitat and trying to work up new automations and figure out how the apps work. I didn't buy the T6 to monitor humidity but that's what is flooding the log file, making it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

I'm just saying that logging motion has no purpose that I can think of. I turn off pretty much all logging unless I am actively fixing an issue (very rarely). You can probably turn of logging to the T6 also.

I have a t6 and really humidity (and other attributes) only report on change for me... My humidity though is pretty good though and doesn't change much..

My humidity is all over the place, changing every few mins. I don't have those pref options, so maybe I'm using the wrong driver (Generic Z-Wave Plus Therom) ?

Use @thebearmay 's advanced driver