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Does Hubitat support Lutron Caséta and Insteon?

Lutron Caséta is supported with builtin integration & Insteon has some community support

The Lutron Caséta is supported but requires the Pro Bridge.

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That’s what I thought I read. Well this isn’t for me then. Thanks for all the quick feedback.

You might consider sharing a bit more of what you’re trying to accomplish with the community. We are users of Hubitat, but we are also familiar with other platforms or users of them as well. You should know that Insteon and Lutron are both proprietary radios, so you will not find any other hub that has it built-in, with the exception ISY, but it doesn’t have Lutron. Wink has Lutron radios in a very limited way, and their future is very uncertain. Wink does not have Insteon radios.


I was on the fence, but then bought the Pro Bridge and it was 100% worth the investment. Way better than the native Lutron from Wink2.

You can get the a used pro bridge for next to nothing on eBay.