Support / Writing Driver for UFairy G.R. Tech

Hi there,
I'm just gotten a new HE and am having trouble getting my current GR Home Switches to work properly.

These switches work well on the Vera, Fibaro and Smartthings hub.

I can z-wave include into Hubitat and using the Aeon Smart Strip driver I can control the 2 / 3 switches. However, the state of the switch (on/off) doesn't seem to update correctly. Only after the several clicks on/off only will the state be updated.

These switches I believe are simple on/off switches but multichannel with no associations or parameters, no energy metering or sensors.

Could someone point me in the right direction in getting these to work or at least how I can create a driver for this? I have tried taking the Aeon Smart Strip and modifying it accordingly. But can't seem to get it status updated correctly.

Thank you!

Any update on zwave multi-channel support yet?

I'm waiting for this to jump switch to Hubitat.

Nope. Doesn't work as far as I know. Ended up moving to Smartthings.

Even though they are similar, the way they handle multichannel is very different.