Support techin smart bulb

Is their support for techin Wi-Fi RGB bulb sb60, Or rather things that are related to smart life.

If there's a published API to access those locally or on the cloud, there may be a community integration - you'll have to search. In the meanwhile, here's the list of devices with built-in compatibility.

i already have the bulbs installed and integrated in my smart home, i got the hub to get off the cloud base commands and make it all local

I don't know what to tell you. You can search the forum to see if someone has built a local integration for Teckin WiFi bulbs. But I think it is unlikely you'll find an integration. My general advice is to stick with things on the List of Compatible Devices. Or items for which there are well-established local community integrations - like Kasa devices.

so can i change the firmware of the bulbs i am kinda new but i really love your community.

thanks so much

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Doubt it.... Someone would have had to reverse engineer the bulb. A search of the site and FB I came up with zip. As stated above, even if someone is able to write an integration, it would still likely be cloud based since they are cloud based devices. Wifi devices such a Lifx bulbs and Shelley are directly supported as they are controlled 100% locally. Most other wifi integrations are cloud based as the API's use cloud servers to do their work. About the only advice I could offer is to ebay the bulbs and replace with lifx (or go with smart switches instead (which would not give you control of the color)