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my hub is locked , cant use it for any thing not even as a paper weight to lite. have put in two support emails no response. first one last sunday.

What color is the LED on front? Which model hub? We've been a bit swamped in support the past few days with mobile app launch. We'll get you sorted out -- tomorrow, given the hour tonight.


Blue hub c5
I did a factory reset if helps.
Thanks for reply

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Hi there, sorry for the troubles. Do you have a ticket number by any chance? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we have received an email from you last Sunday. Please see my PM.

No try Monday I my have given wrong info. I never received any communication at all.

If anyone who sends an email to doesn't receive an automated response with a ticket number, immediately after submitting the ticket, please send us a private message at @support.

Also, if you don't receive a response from us within 24 hours, please don't wait and either send a new email or a private message, here in the community, with your ticket number. Chances are that our response may have been lost in the spam world or simply has gone unnoticed.


Here we go again set email on6/1/ at 745pm received a email with ticket #13315 have not heard a thing back. a second problem has me perplexed none of my switches that were paired to my old hub wont let me exclude them or pair them, the seem to be set with preferences from old hub like I had indicator set to never which how they are now.
Not a happy camper

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It takes a while for one person to get through a pile of support tickets. This isn’t a major corporation. Please keep that in mind.

What devices are you have trouble with? Do a general exclusion with z-Wave devices close to the hub, then do a factory reset if supported. Turning off the old hub before joining may help. Make sure you have adequate repeaters in place. Join locks close to the hub. Make sure the old and new hub are not too close together if you’re still needing to have the old hub powered up.

Make sure Zigbee devices are being paired in the appropriate channel. Not all Zigbee we devices support all channels. Make sure the new and old hub are on different Zigbee channels.

Have you contacted @bobbyD via private message as suggested in the post right above yours?

my old hub was trashed I registered new on I have solved my own problem Microsoft's two browsers Explorer and edge will not let me configure a device. I've now been using
Crome and my android tablet, which both doing fine. My most recent issue is not being able l to exclude devices that were on old hub, Found a solution and now am using smart things to exclude, dont know why there's works and Hubitat doesn't

Been 4 days now and no reply. I'm thinking I might want to return this new hub I bought.

The Hubitat user community plays a significant role in supporting other users. If that is acceptable to you, I'd recommend describing the issue requiring support (please start a new thread). The probability is high that one or more community members can help you address it.

All that being said, tagging @bobbyD.


Hi there,

I raised a support ticket with you and received a response asking for more info. I took a little too much time in responding to that whilst I was digging a little deeper myself, and it got closed. Around 3 days ago I responded to that closed ticket email but haven't had an automated response back to confirm it was received. Would you mind checking if it got lost somewhere please @bobbyD. Ticket number #19974

Thanks and best regards,


Hi there, automated responses are generated only following the initial email, when a ticket number is assigned. I see that your ticket is actually next in the queue, so you can expect a response within a few minutes... Sorry for delays!

can you please respond to ticket 24218

Thanks for your patience, someone will get to your ticket today, for sure.


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