Support for new Aqara Temperature, Humidity and Pollution Meter for TVOC

Is anyone using this devie and if yes, could you share the device driver?
It is a zigbee device and Hubitat identified it in no time but as expected, there is no deivce driver.

I got one. A really nice device for the price.

This is the device fingerprint:

ID: D649
Manufacturer: LUMI
Product Name:
Model Number: lumi.airmonitor.acn01
deviceTypeId: 210


manufacturer : LUMI
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0402,0405,000C,0001
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application : 18
outClusters : 0019
initialized : true
model : lumi.airmonitor.acn01
stage : 4

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0402,0405,000C,0001", outClusters:"0019", model:"lumi.airmonitor.acn01", manufacturer:"LUMI"

The description says this is a Zigbee 3.0 device. Unlike some Zigbee devices which use non-standard Zigbee, it should be possible to develop a driver. Unfortunately, I am not a developer.

There is a community driver that supports many Aqara devices. I used it to get my Aqara vibration sensor and leak sensors to work. It might work with your device, or it might be able to be modified to work.

Thanks man. Unfortunately this driver didn't work.

It is such a nice device. The E Ink Screen makes it awesome and for those who doesn't care about the TVOC readings, you can configure the screen to show only humidity and temperature.

Anyway... it is a brand new device so I hope someone comes up with a solution at some point.

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+1. I too am interested in using this to trigger automations.

Looks interesting especially with tvoc. However pretty much unobtanium at this point.

However if you have one it's supported by zigbee2mqtt.

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I bought this sensor too…. Hubitat sees it…. I have all my other Xiaomi devices in Hubitat so I don’t want to buy another hub just to make this sensor work… Would be wonderful for a developer to make this work….

Have you guys checked on the SmartThings forum to see if there is a driver over there that can be modded to work here? ST drivers usually don't require too many changes to work w/HE.

I have bought it as well, it looks nice and elegant, the e-paper is really cool.
It paired with Hubitat C5 on the first try. But getting the values out of it proved impossible for me.

I started by using the Xiaomi Temperature Humidity driver, turned on debug. This will printout all the messages into the hubitat log.
I was looking for message to reverse engineer, but there I got stuck.

I don't get many messages from the device, and those I get are pretty much constant to represent any of the measurements.

  1. Single click on the button causes message with the following content
    catchall: 0104 0003 01 FF 0040 00 2418 01 00 0000 01 00
    Only the DNI bytes are changing (0x2418 above) if i re-pair the device, rest is constant.

  2. After power cycle (battery out-in) i usually get this message. Sometimes I get it also following shortly after the message before.
    catchall: 0000 0013 00 00 0040 00 2418 00 00 0000 00 00 D31824E8121A001044EF5484
    Same here, only DNI(0x2418) is changing with every zigbee re-pair.

I haven't seen a message that would come on its own(without me pressing button or powercycling the sensor)

I am at loss of how to proceed. I did try pairing directly to hubitat, as well as pairing through 2 different repeaters. No change in behavior.
Now I am left with hypothesis:

  • The device uses Zigbee3.0, and there are interoperability problems with the older zigbee hubitat is running?
  • I have misunderstood something and I don't see the full device communication in the logfile?
  • I have a defective device?

I would really like this to work, It has a reasonable price and the optics are great.

@embrito You have the device, right? Could you use the "Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor" driver from "veeceeoh". Then turn on debug and see if the messages you capture are similar to mine?

Wanted to see if anyone had seen updates to this subject. These devices are really great looking units to place on the wall and while they work with Zigbee2mqtt I’d prefer to keep using my Hubitat for my Zigbee network controller.

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unfortunately I made no progress despite spending soem time on it, even sniffing zigbee. My device doesn't seem to send any updates.
It may be the case only for my network, the sensor is zigbee 3.0 while most of my network is 2.0. I believe 3.0 device should fall back to 2.0 operation in 2.0 network though.

So I have my device is just standalone, what a pity :frowning:

Maybe somebody else has more luck. You are getting data through the mqtt, so you get at least the data through your zigbee network.

I thought I'd bump this thread to see if anyone figured it out. I've had the same experience as many above. Pairs no problem, shows nothing in Hubitat.

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Meto, same problem

Any update on this? I was quick to buy it without checking to see if there was a driver for it.

No progress for me, haven't really looked into it much,
Now I use it now as an offline thermometer ... which is a pity, I was ready to change most of my temperature sensors to this one.

Last question before I completely give up on HE integration. How difficult would it be to take what i found for ST and apply to HE. I have just basic knowledge of copy and past and reading from here. LOL
Here is what I found :

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