Support for GE Appliances (SmartHQ)

What do you think of it?

The water softener? It works fine - has been reliable. We’re on well and septic, so it’s a must - after we started getting rings in the toilet 3 months after building the house.

The app works great, and the flow alerts are pretty good. Won’t catch a small faucet leak, but will definitely catch a running toilet.


I noticed a while back support for icemakers was added. I’m assuming this is for a standalone icemaker, and not icemaker monitoring on refrigerators? I often go into my smartHQ app to see the status of my icemaker (it shows if the icemaker is maki g ice or if it’s full) I would love to be able to see this as an attribute in Hubitat and write an automation around that attribute.

Hi @tomw thank you for this driver! I was able to get my oven hooked up but also have a GE Cafe Cooktop I would love to add so I can use the cooktop status to trigger my range hood. I saw this old post and wanted to see if you had any luck with the modified driver for cooktops? Sorry I know this is an old post. Thanks in advance.

Any chance of adding the GE Profile Auto Espresso with Frother?
Not much of interest in the App for control, just shot size/temp.
But it would be nice to get access to the notifications, ie fill the tank.

Does anyone know if this driver works with Fisher & Paykel appliances? They are supposed to be compatible with SmartHQ, so I assume yes. But I'd rather know before committing to a large purchase.

I'll be trying to get 2 GE air conditioners added to HE in the next couple weeks. One is an older model but the other is one of their newer clearview models. Hopefully I'll be able to utilize this along with the SmartHQ app. I only use the standard hubitat apps so I'm not expecting a lot.

Hello, I have installed through HPM, I followed the instructions and set up the SmartHQ system, ebntered my user name and password and it seems to connect and get a key, but it does not add child devices.

I have waited, Repaired the install, deleted and reinstalled, but I don't get any devices. I checked logs and nothing seems out of order. Any thoughts?

A little late to reply but I just set this up on a Haier fridge/freezer which is basically the same as Fisher Paykel. Works fine, would be good to have a door open alarm but this is not part of SmartHQ, I'll have to stick with my contact sensors.
image EDIT: Just realised that temperature is in Fahrenheit!

My GE refrigerator has open close sensors on both doors, the pull out drawer and freezer door. So it's probably your fridge that does not have the sensors built in.

@tomw I added a GE Air conditioner and couldn't get it to populate as a child device at first.
I realized although this is basically exactly the same as a window unit (which I assume is categorized as either "Air Conditioner" or "Portable AC" as the device type), this one shows up as "Through Wall AC" as it is intended to mount through the wall instead of in a window.
I was able to edit the SmartHQ System driver to add this as an alias, but I'm assuming this will break for me on the next update.
You may want to add this alias next time you update the app. I've attached a screenshot of the change that worked for me.