Support for displaying camera images on the dashboard


Several users use a lot of cameras in theirs houses, usually using the proprietary apps to monitor it. Would be great if Hubitat could offer some kind of support to integrate these cameras, perhaps using ONVIF.

Adding support for displaying images on the dashboard would be extremely welcome by most of the community.

You might already be aware of this, but Hubitat dashboards can display IP camera streams as long as they’re MJPEG, or JPEG snapshots.

This request really needs to go to Microsoft (for Edge), Google (for Chrome), or Apple (for Safari). This is a browser issue not a hub issue.

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Native support for RTSP streams would get around the browser restrictions. That works a treat in Joe Page's HD+ dashboard app. I've never used the native Hubitat dashboard, I tried and failed several times as it didn't seem user friendly.

I find HD+ (though Android only) is far easier to setup, more configurable and easier to maintain (at least for those of us who aren't comfortable with more advanced setup using css)

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True but wouldn’t solve the underlying issue of the Hubitat dashboard as a webpage not being able to render RTSP. Such a solution would only apply to the Hubitat mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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Ahh ok, fair enough. I only use dashboards with CCTV locally (just so I've a permanent feed visible of the camera covering the front door and driveway) I use the native CCTV app while away from home.

I’m certainly no developer, so TBH I have no clue what would be required. In general, there’s a lot that could be done to refresh Hubitat’s built-in dashboard experience, not just limited to IP camera stream support.

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one could also take Alexa push - theres a way to tie RTSP/Onvif cameras into Blue Iris, then use the BI feeds to Alexa using Monocle. This makes the camera displayable / voice controlable on Alexa's. I forget how I tied the Alexa to the dashboard. But like another poster, HE isn't really a dashboard tool, it's a hub - I'm using BlueStacks (android emulator for windows) and embedding tiles with HD+ which is extra good at showing cameras in tiles.

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I have (all/most) my cameras available via the dashboard via the BlueIris software links. Works like a charm. I simply create image tile and for the url I use

BlueIris URL and port:
BI Camera Name: BY6
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