Support for a rule based on motion

Question How Do I get this rule to work
Motion detected in front yard at sunset porch light on

what I am getting is motion detected in front yard OR sunset porch light on
I don't want the word OR

any way around this

i tried change but light comes on at sunset it only needs to come on if there is motion after sunset

That’s your trigger

So leave motion sensor as trigger and in the conditions do

If time is sunset and sunrise and motion is detected
Turn on light and off with a delay of whatever
End if

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thank you

Alternatively, you might consider using Hubitat Simple Lighting or Motion Lighting for this automation instead. Both can handle it with ease; with Simple Lighting, I'd recommend two instances, one to turn it on if after sunset and one to turn it off any time (it's so simple a restriction based on time won't turn it off if it happens to be after sunrise or whatever your end time is). Motion Lighting has a lot of options for almost anything people have requested.

Rule Machine is cool, but if you're not trying to learn it, these are a lot less work to set up (and as a bonus might execute a bit faster).