Supla - drivers


I’ve just bought new Hubitat Elevation C7. I was happy to connect my WiFi devices and zigbee together but unfortunately I have recognized that Supla is not on the support list.
I search Community and try to find some drivers but unfortunately can’t find.

Supla is brand of wifi controlers that can be installed in electrical outlet.
Could you help to integrate Supla controlers with Hubitat?

Developers typically need access to the API to do this. You might want to check if one is available. Some have reverse engineered an integration, but typically they had the device to be able to do this.

For myself, when I have something that works with Alexa that I need to control via Hubitat, but doesn’t have a driver or integration available, I will create a virtual switch and then a Routine in Alexa that will sync both. It sometimes requires a custom driver that has switch and sensor capability to work.

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