Super newbie question about setting up Shelly dimmer

I've added a load of Shelly dimmer realys to my house. Now, I'm totally new to hubitat, and whats worse is that ive only had a couple of hours here and there to set it up with the realys. This has meant that I can't fully remember what I've done before, the last time i was tinkering with it.

Essentially my problem is I have setup two of the shelly dimmers 'correctly' and they seem to work just fine, but the rest don't. Now I think its something to do with the channel of the dimmer, which for some reason is exposed on the two that are working (see attached). It looks like channel 1 is a child of the main dimmer (again see attached). It seems this 'channel 1' is where I can turn the device on and off. But for the life of me, I don't know how to get this for the other dimmers.

I don't even know if the child (channel) was automatically setup by hubitat or me?

Any help would be amazing, and thank you in advance (apologise for being so rubbish)


If you go to your profile here in the community, join the "Owners" group -- that will allow you to post images. Your current inability to do that is just an anti-bot/spam measure on new-account posts.

Ok I think I've done that now. thank you :slight_smile:

Here are the reference images. If anyone can help:

Could you describe in some more details your setup and a problem you are facing?

What is the dimmer model (Shelly has few of them: gen1, gen2+(plus and pro))?
How are they connected?

What behavior you want to achieve?

What exactly do you mean by channel1 ?
(could be entire logical channel, physical wire input/button or software/hub controlled state/command)

To be honest I hardly can undertand what is wrong.
"and they seem to work just fine, but the rest don't.. set it up with the realys"
I'm loosing the point somewhere)))