Super confused on Inovelli Devices (Red vs. Black)

What is "scene control"? Does it mean the Black doesn't support hold/release/multi-tap commands? Does it mean the hub can't do anything with that little side "config" button? Basically it just has on and off?

Now lets talk about the ability to work with an addon switch from Jasco. What about if I double tap or hold that? Do either the Red or Black support that?

Maybe it's just me, but "Red" and "Black" don't make it easy to know and "scene control" is pretty vague. Anyone know the details?


The Red Series have the full scene control capabilities and you can use the LED on the switch as a notification light to change color and pattern when different things occur. The Black Series do the basics like most smart switches I heard thay were looking into making hold a possible button option but I don't know if they got that done.

Basically if you want scene control I'd suggest going with the Red Series. I bought all Red Series from the start since they were only $5 more originally not for scene control really but for the notification option which I love. I do have scene control setup on a few of them but it rarely gets used since I'm the only one that remembers what sequence does what. (now there is a bit more price difference because they are discontinuing the Black Series).

What I basically need is just the ability to do two things. I have two sets of lights, a staircase light (one at top one at bottom) and a hallway light (one at each end). I want an option where I can turn on both the hallway and staircase light at once, sometimes. So my thought is, regular tap just does the staircase, hold (or the little side button?) does staircase + hallway. But I also need this to work from the addon switch.

Unfortunately I already bought a bunch of Black Series. It wasn't clear to me what "scene control" was and assumed that the Black had the same kind of features I came to expect from GE switches... I guess not? :frowning:

You can mix and match them. I have both. Put the reds in places you want to control the scene, and blacks in places to be part of the scene, but not needing to initiate that scene

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Yeah, but that really doesn't answer my question of what capabilities the Black has and what the Red has? Can I use an aux switch the way I want? @Terk said the Black might support hold but I don't know if that's actually true? I have many devices from many manufacturers so I'm not concerned about mixing, I just want to understand what the actual capabilities of each device are.

The blacks have no scene control at all. They hinted that a firmware might come out to give them some limited abilities. There is a beta firmware that gives them hold scene ability but only if you are using them in smart bulb mode, which means the switch load gets disabled and is always on for a smart bulb. The blacks probably won't work for what you want. But maybe they are useful elsewhere? If not send em back. I think they give u 45 days

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And just to add, the reds that have scene control have lots of options. Hold up, hold down, double tap up down, triple tap, quad tap, up to 6 I think. Plus the little button can be a scene

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And I think I read that they are discontinuing the black series.

Sorry I don’t know the answer about 3-way.

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Yeah blacks are going bye bye, that's why they're so cheap right now. They want to concentrate on the higher end reds, plus they are working on a zigbee switch.

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Unfortunately I bought them longer than 45 days. I’m doing a major remodel and stocked up. I’d always bought zooz before and this was my first time trying out inovelli. I read a lot of good things but oh well. Might just sell them I guess.


In your defense, I was super confused when I started too. I think better names might have helped idk.


As far as the addon switches go I don't think they work for scene control with either the black or red series, however you could put a red in each location and make one a scene controller only not actually switching a load if you have nuetral in both locations but that's an expensive route. I'd just look at a remote battery powered button on one side to cover were the addon switch would go.

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If you don't need multi-taps, I still think the Black Series will work for you. On the dimmers (but they've said they also plan to on the switches as time allows), their beta firmware adds Z-Wave Central Scene Notifications for taps, holds, and releases of the paddle--as mentioned above--and at least double-taps of the config button (I assume a single tap too, but they didn't explicitly say that...). This makes them usable for smart bulb control without Z-Wave association (the only way you could really do it before without the Red Series), but it also means you can get button events for taps (this is how the "scenes" get interpreted on Hubitat) that you can use for anything, regardless of the switch/dimmer state.

Of note, if you are using these for smart bulbs (and not Z-Wave association), there's little difference between the switches and dimmers--the scene/button events would be the same. Once they get added to both, that is. :slight_smile: So the biggest difference now is just that Red Series gives you multiple taps, meaning more possible scene/button events--besides the other features like notifications (LED bar effects) and power monitoring (meh). I'm not aware of any differences with the aux switches between the two, except I was never able to get mine to work the way I wanted (which was with smart bulbs; it still cut power, regardless of local protection, so it didn't work for me...but I know newer firmware is trying to address some aux issues, of which I'm not sure if this is one).

This document may also be good to reference:

Yeah also “the corporate brand” they compare to on their website I assumed was GE. Which they say does NOT have scene control but by these definitions it does. So I kind of assumed they meant something else by it. Bad assumptions by me though!

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GE seems to be pretty secretive about the fact that some of their switches/dimmers support multi-taps, so either they mean a different brand (not sure which; Zooz has this now, too) or, like many people, just didn't know. GE might not even know. :rofl:


I have to double check my wiring tomorrow (I forget how I wired this switch) but I think two Reds might solve my problem. Bleh… more money :confused:

I used to help folks with Inovelli wiring (info not physically) their system.

The only difference I found between the Red and Black was the ability to perform scene control.

What solution did you end up with? I'm doing a refurb and will continue to use smart lamps but am looking for a good complementary smart switch solution too.

A Lutron Pico via RA2 (Caséta would also work) and my Hubitat hub. A Zooz ZEN34 remote would probably work nowadays, too (and you could even do Z-Wave association if everything you want is available from there--for me, it's not), but it wasn't available when I started down the Lutron path. Another Inovelli would also work (if your wiring allows; mine didn't), though it's probably more expensive than most alternatives.

But basically, I skipped the whole aux thing in favor of an another device and automation. :slight_smile:

You should be able to achieve this using the Button controller app I would think...

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