Sunset Problem with RM5.0

Hi I have a rule in RM5.0 which is supposed to turn on at Sunset, but doesn't.

I am in OS version, with a C7 hub.

System events look right.

Time sync and zone are both OK, too.

What have I missed?


I don't see any obvious stumbles, but I'm far from being a RM expert... If you hit the gear/cog icon in the upper-right of that rule's page, what does it say in the Scheduled Jobs section at the very bottom?

Maybe overkill, but on the rule's main page, hit the "Update Rule" button then the "Done" button just to be sure.

Out of curiosity, why the 5-second and 2-second delays?

Ah.... Just figured this out. The 5 second delay was holding Garden Lights event until after the Rear Wall is set. Trouble is Garden Lights is the overall power supply to the yard, without which rear will cannot turn on...! I had naively assumed that these events would run in lockstep, first one, then the other. Seems not to be the case.

Oh well. You learn something new every day.

When a delay is on an individual action, only that specific action is delayed, while the remaining actions continue to run. There is a separate action called 'Delay Actions' that delays everything.

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Thanks Bruce. I get it now. Once I got the logs behind it, it makes perfect sense.