Sunsa Wand - Simple Smart Blinds

I believe as long as all the devices are on the same subnet it should all just work :slight_smile:

I will know more as we get further with the dev

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Love the wands and while I was able to get them into Habitat, I can't for the life of me, get them on my dashboard. I have tried various different templates such as switch, shade, level, etc but none of them work; any ideas?

So you add the wands to your dashboard in the Hubitat Dashboard app here:


And then when you go to the dashboard and try to add the wands, they don't show up as available to add, or ?

What driver are you using for the wands?

I don't actually have mine installed yet, life keeps getting in the way. But you should be able to add them to a dashboard.

Thanks for the reply and yes, I added them there, they show so I can add to the dash but the dash won’t control. I’m using the Sunsa API and it works from the devices list, just not the dashboard, it’s weird.

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Any luck on this one? I have sunsa tiles on my Sharp Tools dashboard but they do not have the ability to open or close them. Anyone have any suggestions on making them function on dashboard tiles?

@user370 - did you ever crack this nut?

Maybe Adam @Sunsa will have a suggestion? I'm not sure how much he's played with putting Sunsa wands on an HE dashboard.

@PterionAnth - For Android dashboards you could try:

The dev is extremely responsive and could be helpful getting the Sunsa Wand working w/his app. I still have not installed my wand, wife is endlessly dithering back and forth over whether or not she is replacing some old corded blinds we have, and don't want to spend time setting things up only to have to remove/re-do.

Which driver are you using and what capabilities are they reporting?

Negative. The wands are eating batteries and while Adam offered some help, I can no longer control them via the Sunsa app or Hubitat, useless at the moment.

Bummer, sorry to hear that.

How fast is fast? They should be lasting 6 to 12 months easy.

Also if your wand isn't working we would certainly offer you an exchange for a new one - let me know on both of those things :slight_smile:

I am not familiar with HE dashboard, but happy to assist. If you all let me know what you need.

We have an open API that should have what you need, API doc here:


The API is awesome thank you!

I am using the Susna API in HE then adding tiles in SharpTools. The tiles have no function. New to this realm so still alot to learn. Digging deeper but should go to bed lol!

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These look like devices added to your SharpTools dashboard, so I assume you have some sort of driver that's leveraging the Sunsa API, right?

I’ll send you a message now and appreciate the help!

Alrighty. I managed to get the Sunsa blinds added to my Sharptools dashboard using a virtual switch in HE then creating a rule that turns them on/off (open/closed). Once that was completed I added the switch to my Sharptools app within HE. Within Sharptools, under Things, I added the switch (My Blinds) and the tile functioned as it should. On that note I am pumped as I am GREEN as can be with home automation. Have fun getting yours set up!!


Wow...takes a village (of Sharptools)! :wink: Glad you got it going. I have yet to install my wand as my wife put a hold on further blind automation...I have all of them but two automated and they are in the front bedrooms that we use for guests now that our boys have moved out, and she doesn't want them confused by anything.

I am planning to sneak some automation in somehow/someday... :slight_smile:


Had to fix the rule but Mission Complete!! Good luck sneaking it in!!

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Do the iblinds v3, she won't know they're in there :rofl:

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