Sunrise & sunset triggers not working

I must be doing something wrong... but sunrise and sunset are not triggering events based on them.

My timezone:

I have a mode change set for sunrise. It never fired this morning.

I set up this test rule (about 6 hours or 360 minutes before sunset) to see if a rule based on sunset would work:

It never fired.

I read somewhere that sunset and sunrise times are not available in triggers. Is this a fact?? But if it is, why are they made available by the UI??

When I set a fixed time for a trigger, I see this in the data related to the event:

The next run time is set to the time I set.

If I use sunset to trigger the event, I get this:

What is supposed to happen at that time? Are trigger times based on sunset calculated just once per day for the next day at that time?

Strangely, if I set a trigger as follows:
The schedule for this triggered event is empty:

Will something ever happen?

In Settings > Location & Modes, did you set your physical location on the map along with the proper lat/long?

When I set up the software, I entered my postal code (equivalent to US zip code) and the pin on the map showed my approximate location That was good enough for me.

I just dragged it to my exact location and saved. I doubt this would change anything: longitude and latitude were there and made sense. Why would different coordinates for a position just a few blocks away make a difference?

Update... I just updated my "test sunset" rule to fire a few times about 190 minutes before sunset (that is, about now).

See what the schedule now shows:

I am amazed at how easily solutions can be found here!!

Developers should take note that there seems to be a problem though. The initial values based on the postal code do not seem to be stored properly if they are not updated by dragging the pin on the map, even though they make sense as displayed on the screen... (they had way more decimals when based on postal code vs pin position on map; perhaps care was not taken to trim before storage in a field of limited size... Just trying to guess what the problem might be...)

Anyway, Thanks for the help!!

Oh... wait...

I just defined a triggered command as follows:

Now the schedule for this command is as follows:

The sunrise event is missing... but ok, come to think of it, it makes sense. It will probably be added to the list shortly after midnight tonight.

So for now, all is well! Thanks again!

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There is a known bug for before sunrise triggers. This is fixed in our upcoming 2.1.0 release.

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Does this bug also impact before sunset triggers?

No. As far as I know those work correctly.

Look at the Scheduled Jobs on the app status page for the rule.