Sunrise/sunset question


This could be another dumb question from a newbie. I added the Mode manager app to change mode based on sunrise/sunset. But, the rule doesn't seem to be working. On debugging, I found that System Events --> Location Events was logging sunrise and sunset in the initial days but stopped suddenly. The question is, what drives the sunrise & sunset event in HE? I double-checked the Location settings and even restarted my hub as suggested in a different post. Yet no luck.


This is a bit outdated, but the concept is the same.

Location - Hubitat Documentation

Yep, I checked this doc earlier. But, it doesn't say anywhere how the sunrise & sunset event is triggered. If I set the mode manager rule to run at a specific time, it changes mode but it just doesn't work with sunrise and sunset.

The sunrise and sunset triggers are simply based on your time zone settings. If you look at your system events are you seeing the the correct times for sunrise and sunset?

The lat/long settings need to be correct, but the triggers are based on the time zone.