Sunrise simulator?

Just got my Hubitat in yesterday (SUPER quick shipping) and am in the process of moving my SmartThings devices and automations over. One thing that I've noticed is I haven't been able to find a good sunrise simulator (on SmartThings I used Sunrise Wake up). I use this as my alarm essentially connected to an Ikea Tradfri bulb. I'll set it for a time and have it gradually dim from 0 to 70% across 30 minutes.

I was looking at Simple lighting and rules machine, but I'm not sure this will accomplish what I'm looking for. Has anyone else looked in to this?


There is an action in Rule Machine that allows you to ramp a dimmer over time, as in your case from 0 to 70 across 30 minutes. You could put that in a trigger, triggered at whatever time you want it to start.

Great, I didn't see that action available. If I fade the lamp/bulb to a specific dimming level say 70, will it START at 0 prior or do I need to also set this somewhere?

You would need to set it to 0 first, which could be in the same actions. This feature has one drawback right now that we intend to address: once you start it, it cannot be stopped. If you turn off the light in question, it's going to keep on going until it gets to 70. A fix for that is in the works, should be in the next release.


Awesome, that’s great to hear!

can I set this to run only on weekdays and skip weekends?

Sure. If you are using Simple Lighting you can use a Restriction for which days of the week it runs.

If you're using Rule Machine you can use a Simple Conditional Action like this as the first action:

IF (Day of Week in Saturday, Sunday) Exit Rule

good good good good good!
thank you for confirming this bravenel

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