Sunrise not triggering. Sunset works fine

I have two similar rules one triggering at sunset, turning on a few lights and other at sunrise that supposed to turn off the same lights.
I even added a pushover notification for when the rule runs, but only the sunset works.

Any ideas?

Its always worth posting screenshots of your rules and any logs you can gather when asking questions like this.
Just to make it easier to form an opinion.

I take it your sunset triggered at the correct time?
Check your time zone and location is correct.

good point.

And yes sunset time is fine and triggering everyday.
The sunrise dot even trigger. just stay there.

You have a triggered rule with no condition and no rule defined.

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This. With no rule, there is no True or False state, so your Actions when True will never run.

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That makes sense.
I will change and check if it will work next couple days.

but the funny thing is my sunset is the same structure and works just fine:

When something is not built correctly, that doesn't mean it won't work. It just means it's likely not to work. What you would really need to show is the app settings page. There might be something hidden under the UI that would be different between the two.