Sunricher 4 button switch - SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH-E


Have anyone tested this 4 button wallswitch? I can't seem to find anything on it here. Could it be renamed under another brand?
I can actually buy this as a loose pcb, and then 3d print parts so it fits instead of my wall switches.

I know the team have got a load of their kit not sure on this one do you have a link (the name always changes). I have some hard wired pucks which have 4 inputs but I'm waiting on the driver to be finished.

"FOH" typically stands for "Friends Of Hue" which are Zigbee Green Power (battery less) devices. ZGP isn't currently supported by Hubitat.

I have, but it is to a Danish page, so don't know how much it helps.

This was the kind of problems I was afraid off. Need to find out if their other switches has the same size PCB.

Hi Ulmeistern
I have the same problem which you faced last year. anything new in your seach?
I am also located in DK and have just started with Hubitat.

Thanks in advance.

Any update to this? Would be nice to have a working in-wall input module for use in Hubitat.