Sump Pump voice

I have 2 questions.I have the Ecolink sensor for my sump pump. I have a Pushover that texts me that it is not working.
Is there anything I can do that will alert me when the battery is low?

Is there a chime or siren that I can connect to hub to alert me when it is not working. I would like to put that device upstairs so I can hear it?
I see on the device there is a voice alert but how does that work?

This all came about because we have had torrential rains and the sump pump worked but I did a test on the sensor and found the battery dead although on the hub device it showed 99% for battery. I replaced battery and it works but is sensor bad because it showed 99% when it was not.

I'm no expert, but I'll say this:

You know battery was dead for sure by testing with a multi meter, and not the communications that failed?

You should be specific about exactly what sensor and the setup you have; how does that Ecolink work connected to the sump pump? I have an Ecolink Z-wave contact sensor on a basement door that I use several times a day and it's been on the same battery for years now-it says 80% now, so maybe that works.

Yes there are wireless alarms/chimes. What I've read is that you put the voice on an SD card and then put it in the device. I don't think it's an exact science. You could make also lights blink, or something, too. I don't make them blink, but I have certain lights come on when the standby generator transfer switch trips so I know if the generator is running or we're back on utility, because the generator can't be heard that much where it's located-which is a good thing. I don't have any smart bulbs, but how about replacing a bulb upstairs with one and have it flash in red-that'd be cool.

Pretty simple to do with the built in Notifications app. I have this setup to monitor batter level for all devices. This gives me a push notification via the app, but the audio notification can be used too. There's a litany of devices that can integrate with Hubitat for audio notifications.

I am confused. I have a device"Sump Pump Sensor" which gives current state and is in use by "Sump Pump Notifier". I orginally had it with kind of device "Water Sensor" with Text to Cell. So I changed the device to read Battery level and 30%. I also wne to Hubitat Safety Monitor and added audio alerts and also lights and switches, there I made a light flash on and off. I put the Ecolink sensor in water and all worked but would never shut off. I dried the contacts and light flashed a message on Iphone. I then disconnected the battery and still light flashed and text message. I had to go into Hubitat Monitor and cance alert.

Did the sensor update back to "dry" in Hubitat once you dried it off. I don't use HSM, but presume the alert will persist until the sensor shows dry again.

Yes it showed dry

On the device page of the ecolink sensor does it show a battery level? If yes just do a simple notification rule of If ecolink sensor batter <20% send to pushover device once a day.,. (pick your percentage) Or if you're like me I use HSM to monitor all battery devices and send me messages if a battery is low...