Summarising Power Usage (Multiple Outlets)

I'm sure this will have been done somewhere...

Has anyone developed a driver / app that adds together the power usage of multiple outlets to get a total? I'm using @Cobra 's very useful averaging app for temperature and humidity readings, but would like to summarise the power consumed in some of my TP-Link hs110 outlets.


Or if there is something built in to HE even better...

You can't do that in a driver. A driver only works for the device it is connected to. If you want to use multiple readings from multiple devices, have to do that in an app.

How would you calculate this? What formula would you want to use?

Thanks @Ryan780.

I simply want to add together the current power being used. So if one outlet is consuming 250W and another 150W I want to display 400W on my dashboard.

But that doesn't really mean anything. That is just an instant measurement of the power being consumed at that time. When another event came in for #1 and it was say 225, you'd want it to display 375? That is not really all the "interesting" from a power usage perspective but this would be really easy to do in rule machine. Create a global variable called Total and create a global variable connector for the dashboard.

Create a new rule and in that rule, set up a rule like this:

Then you can but the GV connector device on your dashboard and every time you get a power meter reading, it will update to the new total.


Thanks @Ryan780, that's what I was after. I know it's not total power usage for the house, but I was interested to tally up a few similar items, like climate control devices such as fans and dehumidifiers, a/v equipment and anything else.

Average All will do power too :slight_smile:



But he wants the total, not the average.

That's correct, but still worth pointing out that it can provide the average option for power devices.