Suggestions for under cabinet light update

Simply put when we bought our house a few years ago the under cabinet lighting was already installed. When checking the system it appearS to use a 12V system thag connectes these little adapters to wires on a track under the cabinets.

It looks like there is a small connection box under each of the cabinets I could break out and connect to some kind of controller. I think i would need to do this under each set of cabinets. Then from there attach each controller to RGBW strips. Is there a good option this community has working with Hubitate for this kind of function?

Please don't suggest Phillips hue since i am not looking to rewire everything.

What do you mean by this? Is there a wall switch that you want to continue using?

I use the following:

I think they have an integration to Hubitat, though I just integrate them through the Hue integration and leave them permanently connected to power.

As said, if it's on a wall switch simply replace that with a z-wave or zigbee switch...

Simply put the current lights already have wires run in the wall. I don't want to rewire everything to make Phillips hue an option. The current setup uses a power supply in our pantry and was run with 12v power to each location. i have 4 locations that have that power already run to them. I would like to break into each locations power source and simply use that power source to run some decent color light strips. I think a controller in each location is needed along with the strip since running RGBW lights is a bit more complicated then simply giving them power. If there was a way to do this with Phillips Hue, I wouldn't be opposed to looking at it, i just haven't seen anything that tells me it is.

I think what you linked is a option since that would take each source and give me control of each location.

This was actually done some time ago in way. Currently they are automated with a smartthngs Zigbee plug. The kit that the builder installed plugged into an outlet that was on a switch. Unfortunately that outlet wasn't setup like most in that mode and the switch killed both outlets. Because i needed the second outlet to be always on I removed the switch and then put the Smartthings Zigbee Plug in place to control the current setup.

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@Sebastien does that controller work for addressable strips as well.

It does only RGBW / RGBWW, unfortunately not addressable. There may be others that do though!

Does anyone have any experience with QuinLED-Dig-Uno controllers from QuinLED-Dig-Uno - . It loooks like it would work for addressable lights. Does it work with hibitat.

I don't have experience with the QuinLED-Dig-Uno but it looks like you could probably load WLED on it. There's a community driver for WLED over here:

I'm planning to use NodeMCU's with WLED to add permanent Christmas lights on my house.

Edit: WLED is compatible with the Dig-Uno. DrZzs has some awesome videos on setting up a Dig-Quad (the 4 channel version) with WLED. He's also the one that got me started down this rabbit hole with the NodeMCU with WLED.

Edit 2: So I think I'm going to use a couple Dig-Quads for my exterior lighting. With the NodeMCU, you have to have the controller fairly close to the LEDs. With the Dig-Quad I can keep the electronics safely tucked away in my garage or attic.

So after further retrospective I have come to two conclusions.

  1. I am over complicating this with the Addresable LED's i think. Considering at least for this instance I am talking about simply replacing my under cabinet lights RGB will be good. I don't think it would make any sense to create effects in the kitchen at this time.
  2. It has also dawned on me i may be over complicating this. Most lights have a AC adapter anyways and use a barrel power connector to the controller. I may just be able to attach a barrel connector to the current power and then use whatever system as long as it uses 12v instead of 5.

Now time to research what these premade systems use for power sources and see if any use 12v.

I know this doesn't exactly help with your "want to control via Hubitat" thing, but it will answer the question "do smarthome-controllable 12v LED controllers exist"... then yes, they sure do

I have a few of these in the house, which are 12v. I have no idea if they pair to Hubitat (doubt it), but they easily paired to Home Assistant using this integration

As I type this, I recall that the Zooz LED controller is 12v powered as well, and that certainly should pair to Hubitat

This gives you the ability to control 3 of those devices by simply connecting the 12V power lines in the pantry to the relays. Then turn the existing under cabinet lights switches to on and control it via ZWave with the Zooz Relays.
Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 with 3 Dry Contact Relays (20A, 1 - The Smartest House . This would require very little rewiring and all done in the pantry.

So I just pulled the trigger and ordered this from Amazon.

The controller appears to be able to function from 12v, uses zigbee, and the color strip is split in two pieces so i should be able to simply get a second controller which is available by itself and then connect the second strip. We will see how it goes. It uses a 6 pin connector which may even allow for the use of hue strips, but will see how this goes first with what i am looking at.

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Just a heads up, Hue strips are 24V. While that controller does support 24V, you would also need a 24V power supply if you wanted to use Hue strips with it.

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