Suggestions for Rule Machine Messages


I'm a relatively new Hubitat user but I've been doing a lot with Rule Machine. I had a few suggestions that I thought might make the notifications even better than they already are.

First, I have some rules that trigger actions that are delayed by several minutes, and the delayed actions then send messages that include the time. It's actually a chain of 7 actions that each include the time. This may be a fringe use case, but the challenge I've had is that the %time% evaluates to the time of the event trigger so that each of the 7 actions, that are between 5-15 minutes apart, reference the original time of the trigger. I wish it would evaluate to the current time as each action occurs, or that there was a different variable like %current_time% that would evaluate to the current time.

Second, I think it would be great if you could put the current value of a Global Variable in the message. Something like %gv:MyGlobalVariable%.

Thanks for listening!


I will look into current time.

You can put a Global Variable into a message. %var-name%

Obviously wouldn’t work for a variable named “device”, “value”, etc.

Update: I have added %now% for current time display in a message. Next release.


Thanks very much for the quick response and for adding %now% to the next release. That will be great.

I created a global variable I called currenttime and set it to %time% with a rule on a periodic trigger that I run every 5 minutes. The global variable gets updated as expected. However, when I try to reference it in the message with %currenttime%, it doesn't get substituted. I also tried %var-currenttime% but that also didn't work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

In any case, looking forward to %now% once it's available.


This works fine for me. For a GV named Charlie, you would use %Charlie% in the message text.

My actions were originally created version Rule-2.5, so I had to recreate my actions version Rule-3.0 to get them to work with Global Variables.

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