Suggestions for LED light strip?


I'm looking for an LED light strip that supports the following:
-Local control via hubitat (to turn on/off, select scenes and animations)
-Multiple colors per strip

Any recommendations?

Do you have a preference for zigbee vs. z-wave?

Not really. I'm fine with either. I'm even ok with wifi, as long as I can control it locally via hubitat.

Sylvania smart+ and sengled are two popular zigbee options. The smart+ strips might be getting harder to find these days.

I’m not as familiar with z-wave options, though they do exist. Ditto for WiFi, but personally I suggest avoiding WiFi for most home automation device needs unless you have no other options.

If going with zigbee or z-wave, just make sure you are taking into account the need to build a strong mesh for each protocol.

You’ll want to have a good understanding of repeating vs. non-repeating devices for each protocol if you don’t already.

For example, the sylvania light strip controller is a zigbee repeater (like most plug-in devices), but the sengled device is not.

Thank you very much for the info. Just to confirm, can these strips show different colors simultaneously (i.e. multiple zone)? I looked through the posting on Amazon and didn't see reference to that ability. Apologies if that requirement wasn't clear in my initial post.

I've not used it but how about this? It's individually addressable.


Have you looked the Inovelli offering:

Red Series Smart LED Strip - Inovelli

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The Sylvania are really hard to find at a reasonable price these days, and if you do go that route you'll need to get the Sylvania/Osram bridge (only about $14) so you can update the FW on the strips - there are some FW fixes that you'll need/want. I have a bunch of them that I got for around $24, but I think that ship has sailed.

There is also a more "DIY-ish" approach that has the benefit of drivers created by one of the HE staff. Here:

No I don’t believe so. Sorry I think I interpreted

as ability to do RGB, but not different colors simultaneously.

Thanks. Those look interesting, but here in Canada, they're $95 for 6 ft. I'm hopping to find something a little cheaper.

Sorry about that. I guess what I'm looking for is something like the Govee strips, but with full local control.

For RGBW and RGBCCT controllers I have Philips Hue, Sylvania Smart+, Zooz Zen 31, Girderwell, H801, and Arilux AL-LC02.

Philips Hue: Zigbee, expensive, color saturation isn't that impressive

Sylvania Smart+: Zigbee, usually cheaper but hard to find atm, better looking colors than Philips Hue, cool white is simulated with RGB channels, has separate warm white

Zooz Zen31: Z-Wave, controller only so you will have to buy separate strips, has custom effects that can be fun

Girderwell: Zigbee, controller only

H801 and Arilux AL-LC02: WIFI, controller only, I've loaded custom firmware on these to get local control, has effects that can be customized

For addressable RGBs, I am going to use a NodeMCU with WLED firmware. I haven't had a chance to really play around with this yet.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Looks like I have a fair bit of research to do :slight_smile:

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Now would be a good time to retire so you have time to do this important work. :wink:

Addressable LEDs and cheap in Canada is not easy. Throw in local requirement and you’re further from your goal.

What’s the use case? Permanent accent lighting or something temporary like Christmas lights or lights you hang out on the deck in Summer?

Govee does have a driver to run from Hubitat to control the strips now. One thing it is missing though is the ability to control effects. Also some light strips work better with the API then others. We are still figuring that out as folks report what works and what isn't.

There is also QuinLED-Dig-Uno Pre-Assembled Available! - for addressable LED's. It uses WLED so that will give you allot of flexability, but not sure how well the effects functions are integrated into hubitat.

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