Suggestions for an Armadillo motion detector

I am looking for a compatible motion detector to sense an armaidillo that is eating my back yard. Most PIR sensors EXCLUDE "pets". I want one that will sense them outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think the Hue outdoor motion sensor is pretty sensitive at its highest setting. Could put it on a tree or a stick and put it near the 'action'.

To identify a hole digger, I caught a ground hog on my game camera.
I think game cameras have become more sophisticated of late as well, with wireless reporting, etc.

As an aside, a fence to keep out the deer was the savior of wife's flower gardens. Expensive, but should've done it years ago.

Thanks for the quick response. I'll take a look at the hue.

I have Wyze cams that will pick up the motion. I even have videos. If I could integrate a motion output from the Wyze cam into Hubitat, that would be a great solution. Dillos are apparently easy to catch if you can find their hole. That's goal one. If I know he's out there I'll scare him off and follow him home. But I REALLY don't want to go on "night watch" to do it.

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My groundhog's hole was next to the house foundation-easy to find.
I filled it with whatever I had that wasn't re-diggable; firewood in my case.
Haven't seen any other holes.
He wouldn't go for the delicacies in the trap I set.
I actually think someone dropped him off in front of my house, and he was wise to the trap.

Perhaps folks are aware, but I'm just going to mention ... armadillos can carry the bacteria for leprosy ... might be worth considering just getting a professional to deal with it.

I've found Irish Spring soap carvings will dissuade deer and rabbits from eating things. For the deer I rub soap on my Arborvitaes. Perhaps Armadillo's don't like it either. I don't know if the Irish Spring body wash works, I have soaked bar soap in water until it was mostly a mushy mixture and squirted it on the evergreens.

This thing is digging up our rather large lawn. It needs to be dealt with directly. It isn't just a small area. On the good side... it isn't a wild hog! We have those around too. Welcome to Texas!! I do love the road runners we have around. Those are really cool.

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Mine are positioned 7-feet high and on a mid-level sensitivity, but still frequently triggers on an Eastern Cottontail.

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Thanks for that reply. I have one arriving from Azon today. There seems to be a newer version out than the one available for same day delivery that the compatibility page linked to. I have the newer one arriving tomorrow.

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Another consideration since you have security cameras covering the area is to use some form of object recognition software or hardware. I am not aware of any that specifically recognize armadillos, but the one I use (Camect) differentiates between dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, deer, bear, etc and actually does a pretty good job of it. Sometimes is will confuse a skinny dog for a deer, or a possum for a raccoon (and it identifies coyotes as dogs, and our local mountain lions as cats), but overall, it does a pretty good job. Again, I’m not sure how it (or other object recognition software such as BlueIris) would ID an armadillo but it is another consideration.


I saw them when visiting Phoenix. They really do look like the cartoon. No Wiley though.

Yes they do look like the cartoon! What I didn't know is they can fly short distances and roost in trees. And eat snakes. Again, a plus.

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Lately, I've been having turkey vultures hovering near my place. Man, they make horrible noises. I hpe they don't start roosting nearby.

Pretty much any IP camera with Camect. Add what you want.

That would certainly work but it's a bit pricey.

This is true but the likelihood of being infected by an armadillo is overall rather low because leprosy is not a highly contagious disease, and it’s treatable.

Still an important reminder to consider the risks of personally dealing with any wild animal creating a nuisance around one’s house. Other animals can carry nasty infections too.

I grew up in Florida where you are never very far from roaches. Look at what they carry sometime. Or maybe you shouldn't.


Works fantastically with Hubitat. Best add on yet to be honest. With Foscam cameras being so cheap, it's easy to do...