Suggestion request Bright smart light strips

I have a room that has always been on the dark side, that I would like to increase the brightness via strategically positioned light strips.

What types of strips/controllers have people found to work very well once in place?

In particular, my preferences are:

  • Maximum brightness very important
  • Zigbee if possible, Z-wave next best, Wifi with official driver next, and Wifi with stable community driver
  • Automation controllable (preferably not requiring control on/off by plugging into a smart switch)
  • Dimmable would be nice
  • Color would be fun if marginal impact to brightness

Any pointers would be good as I have just started exploring options and would love avoiding pitfalls others have experienced.

I’ve got quite a few setups:

I bought some Zigbee RGBCCT controllers that work great:

I use them with different light strips depending on where they to - there are quite a few available options.

I also bought four of Inovelli’s light strips which I use to light up a room that use to be quite dark and they work really well.

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I am using Cabismart RGBCW (CCT) lights for counter lighting and some other areas that need light. They are very bright. They are Wifi using Tuya platform but I have been in contact with them and they are working on zwave for next year. LAMPAOUS

I am using these Zigbee Giderwel light strips (currently using 5 sets):

Amazon Link - LED Strip + Zigbee Controller

You can cut them every few feet or so.

If you decide to cut, you will need to use these connectors (snap onto the ends):

Amazon Link - Connectors

Various Extension Cables, 1-to-2 splitters (make sure you choose the V3 6-pin, as the other sizes won't fit):

Extension Cable - V3 6 Pin

Amazon Link - 1-to-2 Splitter V3 6 Pin

There are other lengths for the extension cables you can order.

They fit really nice into these aluminum channels (comes with a diffuser lens that snaps on):

Amazon Link - Aluminum Channels + Diffuser

You can also get these that sit at a 45 degree angle if you don't want this kind that shines straight up. I use the 45 degree angle version for my kitchen under cabinet lighting, and the toe-kick lighting between the cabinets and floor.

Edit: Here is a picture showing the LEDs under cabinet and toe kick...under cabinet is at 30% brightness, and toe kick is at 10% brightness...white color for both is set to 4000K


How did you bring it in to your hub? I have that same light strip and when I pair it it comes in as a Xamoi motion sensor and nothing works.

I changed the device to "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light"

I tried that but is thinks its a Xamoi motion detector and will not control it no matter which RGB driver I choose from the various versions available for zigbee.

It's a 2 step process:

  1. Change the device driver type to "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light" and hit "save"
  2. Hit the "configure" button in the new driver scheme

You can always override what Hubitat "thinks" the device should be.