Suggestion: Rename "Yale Lock" to "Yale Lock Zigbee" (or something)

Just a suggestion. I saw the Yale Lock driver present, and set my z-wave yale to it, but that seemed to have broken it talking to my hub, so I switched back to Generic Z-Wave Lock.

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is the new "Yale Lock" driver for the zigbee models? I've had mine paired to the generic since I started and saw the latest update has added I guess official support. I checked the drivers and saw the Yale Lock...assuming that's the one I should use?

FYI, it communicates and seems to be working....

(Clarification, I have a ZIGBEE YALE YRD210)

Yes. I see others doing the same thing.

Really any zigbee or zwave driver should be prefixed or suffixed as such. I'm sure it was just an oversight in the naming ( @mike.maxwell ).

Interesting. Mine did not seem to work right with the zigbee driver. Can @mike.maxwell clarify?

if the lock is Z-Wave its not going to work with a zigbee driver

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Great, thanks! Could we rename it to clarify?

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