Suggestion for RM


Just an idea: Would it be possible to set, in RM, one or allof those things:

  1. A bank of all created conditions available across all instances of RM?
  2. A bank of all created actions available across all instances of RM?
  3. A menu to substitute objects/devices after copying a rule as to make it work with different devices without having to modify each action and each condition one after the other? (something like "sensor kitchen becomes sensor living" ?

Thank you very much!

I think you can do #3 in a roundabout way. I believe I have created partial rules before. I am almost positive you could create the main parts of the rule, clone the rule, and then add the particular device afterwards.

I always pause a rule when building, and maybe this is why it works without making lots of errors.

For the other two on your list, couldn't you make a master rule, and use that rule in other rules?

Not sure I understand where you are going with the 'bank". The Rule Machine docs have a pretty comprehensive list of conditions, actions, etc.

bank of all created conditions

Thanks for your suggestion. The idea, however, is to not have to go through all conditions and actions and sub one by one every device. When a rule is several dozens lines long with more than 10 conditions, it becomes near impossible to use that method without it being less productive than recreating the rule all together.