Suggestion for new "novice" type category

While I understand it seems that most Hubitat users are quite advanced. It also seems there are also a lot of novices to home automation (I my self am novice-intermediate). Could a new category be set up in the forums for those with less experience to discus and request specific help? For instance I'm having some issues with HSM and Modes currently and would love to find someone to help me work through my learning curve, but do feel a bit intimidated asking in the main support forum. Just a suggestion, thanks!


There are a few categories which may help you out. If you are having issues with HSM, there is a category for that. If you are wondering how to put a rule together then you could visit the Rule Machine category. We all appreciate trying to ask the question in the right place. That said, we are an understanding bunch and would ask that you don't let formality get in the way of your trying to figure things out. Just ask and we will guide you along!!


Well, my first problem in Modes using presence in the app, I can't get it to switch to Away when everyone leaves.. it cycles through the set time mode sfine, but Will not go to away when n o one is home.
That sorta feeds in to HSM, and It won't arm when away is if wont go into away to begin.

Can you post a screen shots of your rule(s) and logs?

This is a good idea. We will look into adding this.

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Great idea! Thanks for your suggestion. Here it is: