Suggestion for 43 feet of led light strip

I'm looking for suggestions for a long run of LED. It's 43 feet and runs behind crown molding in a theater room. There is an switched outlet at one end or a non-switched outlet in the middle. Dimmable and color changing would be a plus. Since its zwave could I use 2 rgbw controllers from the middle of the room and have them synced so they do the same thing?

Yes. I found the Zooz RGBW controller to work well with Hubitat.

You have a number of options or at least things to think about.

  1. I believe you can use one controller in the center and run both strips from the one controller. Their spec says they can control up to 10 amps (total for R+G+B+W)

  2. If you can find 24 V LED strips the current will be much lower and easier to run long distances.

  3. Most LED strips are the "bare" strip with adhesive on the back. If you want they in an aluminum channel with maybe a cover you will have to purchase that separate. I recommend a channel with cover as it helps blend adjacent LEDs together so the "spots" are not as noticeable.

I just saw something from Inovelli that looked like it was a RGBW strip of LEDs that support automations. Don't know if its something you should consider or not. You would have to google them to see what it is. I believe it is very new so information might be limited.

LED strips are everywhere, Amazon, eBay etc. They will likely require some soldering to connect to the controller, although I've seen some with wires already soldered to them.

Power supply. You will need to purchase a power supply that can provide either the 12V or 24V for the lighting. Usually a wall wart will do buy you might need a desktop supply (kinda the size of a laptop charger).

LED Quality: There are $$$$ LED strips and $ LED strips. In general the difference is the number of LEDs per foot. Also the LED types Smaller and larger etc. The cheaper ones may have more variation LED to LED.

Since you may not have experience with LED strips, I would suggest you get a lower cost one from Amazon or eBay and see how it looks to you. Then decide what you want to do.

Good luck

RGBGenie has 24V controllers with built-in power supplies, both Zigbee and Zwave varieties. These are good for 75W, so you can run a pretty long strip off them.

Thank you for the info. I won't be using a channel as they will be behind crown molding that is dropped an inch off the ceiling. The light will be a reflection. I currently have 110 led rope light back there but it is time to upgrade. Thank you again for the info.

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