Suggestion - Downloading Backup Files

For those of us with multiple hubs, how about some way of naming the backup file name so that it's unique per hub?

What I currently do after downloading a backup is I rename the file, so that I know what's what.....


This is a great suggestions and has been asked for several times. At one point @gopher.ny said he would look into appending the hubid to the file name. However I think more important issues came up and it got lost in the wash.


Amen brother. I've been saying that for over a year - it is a real pain in the rear end.

Yes, I suppose could use a different browser (or chrome add-in) that asks for save location and stick them in their own folders. But it seems all unnecessary on my part, and would be much better for them to add a unique hub id/name/other to the download file.

Not sure how the commercial customers with many, many hubs they are going after are going to manage this? Maybe they will rely solely on the protection service backups and not do anything manual.


Prepending a hub nickname would be better for sorting. The hub ID is a bit long.

Id agree. However @gopher.ny stated the hub I'd would be easily available at the time and a quick thing if I remember.

I would be happy if the backup just used the hub name...

At this point I'd be happy with any method that helps distinguish them without requiring renaming or moving files manually lol.

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@gopher.ny Thank you.

@bravenel - So this feature request was implemented in ~Feb, much appreciated, today I noticed that if you take a backup from the Settings > Check for Updates screen (and there is an available update), the resulting backup does not contain the Hub ID

Screenshot 2021-03-23 172810

Thanks, Rick

I think this is fixed in 2.2.6. So NEXT TIME you upgrade I think it will have the hub name when downloading from that location.

At least I think that's the case as the files I downloaded when updating from other beta versions of 2.2.6 had the hub name in the download filename, whereas the hubs I upgraded from 2.2.5 did not.