Suggestion: Create a tile template for a temp/humidity sensor

A generic driver exists for a temp/humidity sensor, why not a tile template?

Temperature and Humidity can be put on 2 tiles or a weather template is available.

The weather template has an unnecessary Wind field and the font is small.

Two tiles to display Temp/Humidity seems wasteful.

Also, the Temp tile does not have a battery % field.


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Here here ! And whatever else it is they mumble in the House of Commons.

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One picture is worth some words:


Might think about: [BETA]Tile Template Device Manager
That's what I'm using for:

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That looks pretty sharp.
Does it consume a lot of resources?
I felt the other app I was using did.

0.753% of total but that device is getting pounded right now (sitting above my desk). If you fully load the app (will keep track of 10 tiles) you might get up over 1% but shouldn't get much higher than that.

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It is pretty sharp....and the-Bear's-stuff is something I thought of earlier today when replying to your thread.

And I said to myself ....DAMN IT, how is someone new coming into HE suppose to ramp up and know about all these little improvements THAT SHOULD BE BUILT-INS in the menu as you go about creating the setup you desire! How many of these little bits of glue does someone need to discover to piece together the optimal configuration?

With all due respect to him, I'm on your page...improve the base line UI and Dashboard capabilities that 99.9% of us need and would use.

Save the-Bear's-Brain for those things which HE flexibility allows total creativity to address, stuff that solves a problem that maybe is a one-off or that only 30% of the user population might desire to have addressed.

That's all I'm saying....not to be speaking for the bear's brain or anything. It's free to do whatever it wants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I like the way the HTML tile works in the Hub Info driver, and this seems like an outgrowth.
The other one also needed makerAPI too, as I recall.
This looks like it needs some knowledge of HTML, which might, just might, be almost do-able for me. :slight_smile: .
I'll give it a whirl.

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