Successful 100% C4 - C7

I transferred 82 devices and everything works. It was pretty painless
I got the C7
Registered and restored a backup to it
Renamed the C7 to my current hub name, and added OLD to the C4
Let the C7 run a few days with no devices attached
Updated apps every day with package manager on both hubs
Started with Zigbee ( my most devices ) reset each device and joined into the C7 a room at a time. I found that there was no rush as the c4 hub ran its rules and the C7 did also, therefore any devices moved or left left just ran on their respective hub.
After each 10 devices I did a reboot and waited a few hours to move more. After all were on C7 and working, I turned off C4 Zigbee permanently and C7 Zigbee for 2 hours to panic the devices so they could sort out the best routing.
Let both hubs run for 2 days after all the Zigbee was moved, so now c4 was running zwave only and C7 running all Zigbee and all other processes.
Migrated over my wave thermostats first. I excluded using the C7 and included Doing the naming to Aremove name to the new device and adding A to the DNI, then changing the DNI in old device to the new DNI and force removing the ARemove device
After each 5 included i did a reboot and then a zwave repair.
Everything works like nothing ever happened and it was done in easy 15-30 minute chunks.


Congrats on how it went.

All made sense but this paragraph...maybe auto-correct or voice typing went off?

Can you look at this and help clarify the steps you were taking here? New to Hubitat - what's "DNI?"

DNI is the unique identifier for devices.

If you look at your list of devices, there's a column for DNI:

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 11.45.19 AM

and then a matching value when you look at an individual Device's Info page:

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 11.46.20 AM

the advice for migrating suggests you alter the name and DNI of a device by adding "remove' or something similar and that the DNI be altered too.



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Great description. This will be very helpful!