Subscription Request : Annual Remote Admin

Would it be possible to have an annual subscription for Remote Admin?

I'm in the UK, and the 'fee' on my card for a US$ transaction of $2.99 is almost as much as the subscription. I pay the same fee regardless of the transaction amount.

Many thanks in advance.

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Have you considered the Bundle? It offers the best of both services at discounted annual rate:

I did, but as I'm in the UK, the extended warranty will still cost me international shipping and import duties ($60ish) if needed, plus I don't have any Z-Wave devices, and I'm already taking offline backups.

I asked only as you've an annual subscription for hub protect, don't want to cause any fuss - I'll can look into a VPN solution no problem.

Thanks for quick response.


@bobbyD Now you got me thinking if I should have the bundle as it is good value considering I already have the remote Admin. How do I make the switch from just remote admin to remote admin + hub protect but charged annually? Currently I am paying monthly.

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We generally use local partners to ship replacements, so that Hub Protect subscribers don't end up paying extra fees for their free replacements. Just something to consider.

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In your case, you would have to cancel your monthly service, then subscribe to the bundle from your hub's web interface by clicking "Subscriptions" on the left menu. If for some reason you can't cancel your monthly service from, send me a PM with your hub's MAC address and I can do it for you.

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@bobbyD PM Sent

Interesting, nicely done - you should promote that it makes the service far more attractive


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