Stupid, but it works

What unique automation do you have in your house that is laughable?

After installing motion sensors in most of the house I became accustomed to never hitting a switch. And sometimes I would forget to turn on the exhaust fan on my way into the bathroom.

I stuck a sage switch onto the side of the vanity right next to the commode to control the fan so I don't have to leave the throne!

Can even hit it with my elbow so it stays sanitary!

Its stupid, but even my wife admitted of comes in handy.


My motto - If it can be smartened - it should be.


Playing imperial death March when I come home.

Is also fun to make qlexa tease my wife all day while I'm at work. She a good sport so loads of fun.

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Nice idea. I have the Fan kick on in my guest bathroom after the lights turn off. Saves me from walking in to someone else's stink bomb because they failed to use the switch.


So this automation is only partly complete. The rest needs some rewiring.

My bathrooms have 3-in-1 ceiling units (light, exhaust, heater). The heater unit consists of a heating coil and a blower. Where I live, I have zero need for the heater, so I've disconnected the heater unit. The light and exhaust fan are controlled using a Zooz Zen30.

The exhaust fan comes on if someone is on the toilet for more than a minute and goes off 2 minutes after the bathroom is not occupied. The light goes off at the same time as well.

The part above works perfectly.

Anyway, my ultimate plan is to attach the blower portion of the heater to the same circuit as the exhaust fan via a timed delay-on-break relay. The goal is for the blower to come on for 3 minutes after the exhaust goes off. I'm planning to clip one of these to the vent grille, so the bathroom smells good after each use.

That's not a bad idea. However I know some people who have those in there car and they can get super strong smelling! Went to lunch with a coworker one day and I swear i could smell that air freshener on my clothes after I washed them!

How do you detect people on the toilet? or is it a dedicated WC?

Is this via a hydrocarbon sensor? :slight_smile:

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Motion sensor that would detect someone's thigh/leg. The fresnel lens is also partly taped off to limit the field of detection.

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Went with an Ecobee Switch+ for this so I can just tell Alexa to do it :slight_smile:

I like this idea... Hmm... I don't have a blower, but isn't a blower essentially just reversing the polarity of the wires on an exhaust fan? Hmm... Wonder if there is a way I can get a DPDT that's zwave or zigbee???

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Here's an example of the current version of this automation (this one is for the Master Bathroom WC). It only comes on when the maid is not at home and when I have visitors.

"mz_mb = inactive" checks if the motion zone for the master bath is inactive.

I have a friend who checks his home cameras from work now and then, and if he sees his wife watching TV, he uses his FiOS app to change the channel. :laughing:

I'ts not stalking when it's family... right!? :wink:

I hate those things! I work part time since retirement as a valet parker at my local hospital. People come in with 4 or 5 of these clipped onto the air vents to cover up B.O. and cigarette and who knows what other odors in their cars. Too many of these make me gag! I have to roll down the windows, even in the winter.


I think one running for 3-4 minutes in a bathroom will be a little different .....