Stumped - Ring alarm arming everyday at 9am

Banging my head against the wall. I've got a couple of rules to set the ring alarm.
When I leave, set it away, at 10PM set it to home, and when I press a button, deactivate.
All of a sudden, everyday at 9am, the alarm is setting to Home mode.
I started playing around and noticed if I manually change the mode in HE from Day to Home or vice versa, it triggers the alarm to set (to Home Mode).
I'm not an expert, but don't see anything in the logs.

I know this isn't a lot to go on, but any help is appreciated.

I just started using arm/home and was trying to figure out why my alarm disarmed when I entered evening mode.

Did you look at the settings arming/disarming settings in HSM? In these settings you can tell HSM to automatically arm/disarm based on the mode.

Thanks, i'll take a look at that.
I've never used HSM so the settings are blank.

I Removed HSM from the Apps section, no luck

I removed the 'Day' mode, that didn't help.
Upon further testing, anytime i change mode, it's setting the alarm.
And, it's only setting ring to Home mode, not Away mode.

Anytime Hubitat mode changes, it's arming. Confused

Check the bottom inside the ring virtual device driver page and see what apps or rule are using it.
It's also possible you have Alexa routines?

Thanks. Disconnected Alexa, but no luck. Only 2 rules, but they aren’t activating. So frustrated.

Open a live log page and change the mode. Maybe it will show in the live log page with log enable in the ring virtual device page.

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Thanks for that suggestion. Here is the log, i'm just not seeing anything:
dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.314 pm tracefound 1 devices

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.310 pm debugextractDeviceInfos(json)

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.303 pm traceDeviceInfoSet with seq 6 succeeded.

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.286 pm debugPassthru for device Ring Alarm Hub

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.282 pm debugsendPassthru(deviceInfo)

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.279 pm tracecreated deviceInfo: { "deviceType": "security-panel.countdown", "src": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "msg": "Passthru", "eventOccurredTsMs": 1611251772077, "level": null, "affectedEntityType": "asset", "affectedEntityId": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "affectedEntityName": null, "accountId": "dpsdmd-16vbq-0", "assetId": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "assetKind": "base_station_v1", "state": { "timeLeft": 30, "total": 30, "transition": "exit" }, "zid": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105" }

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.275 pm tracefound 1 devices

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.270 pm tracejson: { "msg": "Passthru", "datatype": "PassthruType", "seq": 309, "src": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "body": [ { "zid": "948201fa-71c0-4121-a294-8feb520f02d1", "type": "security-panel.countdown", "data": { "timeLeft": 30, "total": 30, "transition": "exit" }, "target": "" } ], "context": { "eventId": "02f29ca7-73bb-41c3-9b33-ad6ee6cea757", "eventOccurredTsMs": 1611251772077, "eventPublishedTsMs": 1611251772154, "eventReceivedTsMs": 1611251772154, "affectedEntityType": "asset", "affectedEntityId": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "accountId": "dpsdmd-16vbq-0", "programId": "a551631c-0e88-4097-8e1a-9595202c2ba9", "assetId": "b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105", "assetKind": "base_station_v1", "assetCapabilityCode": "basestation_BHBS1", "assetDoorbotId": 10774066 } }

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.264 pm tracemsg type: Passthru

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.260 pm debugextractDeviceInfos(json)

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.023 pm tracerequest: ["message",{"body":[{"zid":"948201fa-71c0-4121-a294-8feb520f02d1","command":{"v1":[{"commandType":"security-panel.switch-mode","data":{"mode":"some"}}]}}],"datatype":"DeviceInfoSetType","dst":"b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105","msg":"DeviceInfoSet","seq":6}]

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.019 pm traceparams: [type:security-panel.switch-mode, zid:948201fa-71c0-4121-a294-8feb520f02d1, dst:b4a69e6e-2f3b-456a-bdf7-256443e42105, data:[mode:some]]

dev:872021-01-21 12:56:12.016 pm debugsimpleRequest(setcommand)

app:3862021-01-21 12:56:11.992 pm infoAction: setMode(Home) on Ring Alarm Hub

app:3862021-01-21 12:56:11.959 pm infoSet Ring Home Triggered

app:3862021-01-21 12:56:11.940 pm infoSet Ring Home: Rob’s Hub mode Day

app:2642021-01-21 12:56:11.846 pm infoSet Ring away: Rob’s Hub mode Day

OK. looks like something in one of the rules is triggering it. i'm going to delete the 2 rules and re-build them.

Wow. That was it. Just had to rebuild the 2 rules and all is good now. So Strange. Thanks for everyones input!

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@spartanrob I might be being completely stupid here but can you tell me how you set up these rules? I cant work out how to set a rule to arm when away and disarm on my return