Stuck with a simple Rule

Hi, Im stuck with writing a simple rule....

I want this to be put into a rule: "If AVR Input changes to Input 1 OR AVR gets turned on AND Input 1 is already set then etc...."

Im using the inbuilt Denon AVR driver for this....

Thank you guys!

what do you want to do with the rule? do you only really care if its on input 1?

Yes. Input 1 and the device turning on should be the trigger for my action (activating a harmony action).

can you make a rule that says

trigger = AVR turning on

IF AVR input 1

that would be all you need i think. you can add an ELSE IF statement after if you need to do something else if there is another state.

That wouldn't work because input change might not be at the time as turning the avr on.

I have two scenarios: A) The AVR gets turned on and then (half a second later or so) changes input to Input 1 (as it was set to a different input before), or B) the AVR gets turned on and is already set to Input 1 (this is where your rule would work, I believe).

Edit: just tested it. Your rule works for scenario B) but not for A).

are you able to add a second trigger that says if input is changed. then let that IF statement take over


Thanks, man! That's the solution....sometimes things are easier than they's working now!

Best regards!

Damn. im shocked i helped on that one lol. But glad it worked. ill have to keep that in mind.