Stuck on "Your hub is starting up. Please wait..."

No startup % or anything. I woke up this morning to find the hub stuck with a 500 error. This is what I'm seeing after I rebooted.

Ideas? I have a backup somewhere I can restore from.

This sounds like a candidate for a soft reset.
Hub makes nightly local backups. There's an option to download them locally right next to the soft reset menu item, shown in one of the screen snapshots in linked docs article.

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Well eventually the hub came up but in "brand new" mode. No config at all. It still had all its backups, so I restored from the latest one and am back.

Hmm... except none of my locks work. Again.

shutdown the hub from the settings menu. Unplug hub for 5 mins (at wall not hub). While its off remove battery power from your locks, if schlage, press the schlage button a few times to make sure the caps are drained. Reattach batteries. Power hub back up. See how it is now

Are your radios showing as on?