Stuck on hubitat app. Cant enter postal code

So, i created a second hubitat account for my second hubitat in my second house. I logged out of the hubitat app, and logged in using the new userid and pw. The app claims to have found my hubitat on my 1st house network....and wants me to claim it. How i dont know as the 2 networks are not connected. However to proceed, i need to enter a name and a postal code. It is not giving me an option to enter my cdn postal code b0M 1S0 as i cant enter letters. Seem to logout to go back to my previous account. Please help

If you are unable to claim (register) your hub with the Hubitat Mobile app, we suggest using a web browser to perform the hub registration. We recommend Chrome for best experience, however we also support Safari, Firefox and the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

You didn't have to create a new account. It is much easier to switch between hubs (locations) if you register both hubs with same account.

If they share the account, once you are logged into any of your hubs, then you can go to Settings tab and select Hub to switch between the hubs.

The problem with that is that when i connect my google nest, itndeletes all the devices from my other house. So, i was toldmi needed 2 accounts

Right now, when i login to my house account, i can see the 2 hubs, so my cottage one appears to be linked to my 1st hubitat account. However when i goto manage i only see one registered hub. So i cant seem to migrate the cottage hub to my cottage account

Ok, we can close this thread. After rebooting my cottage hubitat, i was able to remove it from my house accou t and assign it to my cottage account. I now have 2 completely different houses working! Ti e for a celebratory rhum.


Glad to hear you were able to sort it out.