Stuck initializing

Switching from ST Hub V3. So far a very good experience. I have added 17 devices. Mainly simple switches and plugs.

  • Device id OA is a GE Z-wave duplex plug. It was found easily. But it is still initializing since last night. I have been able to continue adding more devices successfully since it was found. Some were the exact same model of duplex plug.
    Not sure how to remove it from the "queue" and start it over or do something to move it forward.

Thanks for reviewing this.

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Try putting the hub into exclusion mode and try removing it and starting again.
Maybe it got 'stuck' somehow.

the ge plugs are great, but they're bears to remove from smartthings. Reset the plug, put ST in exlusion mode and do the presses.
Also, If you've moved 17 devices, have you done a zwave repair?
Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, so take your time moving your devices over. Implement hub connect so that you can make it a more seamless move. It bridges the gap and keeps your things integrated until you move your rules by being able to control them cross platform. it's a really slick application.
Your zigbee mesh is going to take some time to settle down, so you'll need to have patience with moving things. In my opinion, if you move too fast, you'll be frustrated. Not a good idea to reboot too often either. Give your hub database time to settle down.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the patience thing. Good general life rule!

  • How do you reset a plug? I am not asking about exclusion, which I know how to do.
  • I have had success with 24/25 "moves" in my zWave environment. It is just this one plug stuck.
  • Since it has been found by HE, can I still do anything else with it while it is grinding in the initializing state? - like exclude it from ST again (which I did already), at least it said it was excluded.

Again - thanks so much for looking at this!

Is it a zw-4101? If so plug it in, press and hold the front button for more than a minute then release. after that do an exclusion in smartthings. You should be able to add it to your hub. If you haven't rebooted your hub, do so before trying to discover it again.

Great info!

The fix ended up being rather simple. I shut down the hub via the Dashboard. When I restarted it the stuck initializing device was no longer there. I excluded it, re-included it and it initialized it fine the second time.

So I'm going with the patience thing. So far my HE experience has been a 9.9.


im havivng same problem with a

ZW1410 EZMultiPli Wireless Z-Wave Multi-Sensor - Motion, temperature, Light level, Color Indicator, it hangs on initializing and you have to reboot the hub to get out of that mode.. An i have excluded it and same thing happens.. here

is the hub log

It does pop up asking for secure settings and hangs after that

sys:12020-08-11 02:09:48.191 pm warnZ-Wave Secure Inclusion failed, the device needs to be excluded then included again.

sys:12020-08-11 02:09:17.890 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Running

sys:12020-08-11 02:02:48.970 pm infoZigbee Discovery Running

sys:12020-08-11 01:57:08.609 pm warnZ-Wave Secure Inclusion failed, the device needs to be excluded then included again.

sys:12020-08-11 01:56:14.531 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Running

sys:12020-08-11 01:48:53.865 pm warnZ-Wave Inclusion timed out, status:7

sys:12020-08-11 01:48:53.846 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Stopped

sys:12020-08-11 01:48:05.790 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Running

sys:12020-08-11 01:46:57.337 pm warnZ-Wave Inclusion timed out, status:7

sys:12020-08-11 01:46:57.327 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Stopped

C7 hub?

Look here:

Same thing happened to me. I have a Dome water leak sensor, which was added on the first attempt to habitat. Since then I had to exclude it and now it is impossible to add back to HE. It discovers it right away but then gets stuck in "Initializing" I tried resetting the leak detector to factory settings, rebooting the hub, nothing works.

  • Remove device from hubitat.
  • Factory reset device
  • Make sure there are no ghost devices on your zwave mesh - if you have zwave devices with no "inClusters" info, it is a ghost, and that needs to be fixed 1st.
  • Shutdown hub (not restart). When it gets to red light, pull the power cable for 30-60s.
  • Power back up
  • Try to pair device after it reboots (wait a minute or two for it to settle down 1st after a reboot before pairing)
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Thank you Jason,
That helped,