Struggling with scenes

Hi all,scenes..... do I create a scene then add it to a rule,simple lighting or button controller action or🤔 as I'm trying multiple ways but getting nothing. I checked the logs and all it says is that button 1 was pressed for on then button 4 pressed for off.
Driving me a bit nuts as my last rule I setup on rule machine works pretty well but been advised it would work better using scenes.

Any helps good.

Cheers kev

Yeah, you can create a scene and then use it in rules and/or button controller. I'm not sure about simple lighting as I don't use it, but I believe in all of them you need to use Activate Scene action to activate it.

Creating a scene (via the Groups and Scenes app) just creates a device that is effectively a switch and button device, meaning you can select that scene device as something you can "push" or "turn on" to cause the configured scene to be activated. If someone recommended it to you for use in a Rule or Button Controller, I'm guessing you were using those apps to change a bunch of switches/dimmers/bulbs and someone suggested a scene since you could just configure those devices as desired in the scene, then simply use that app (RM or BC) to activiate your scene device rather than manually specifying all these settings.

This is most useful if you think you'll use the scene in multiple places. Otherwise, at the moment, I don't find much benefit to using Hubitat scenes--that's basically all they do behind the scenes, anyway. (Someone could write something for Zigbee bulbs that stores the scenes on the bulbs, then scenes a command to tell the bulb to recall those scenes, basically what Hue does behind the scenes; this is why native Hue scenes are incredibly fast to activate. Hubitat is emulating with the hub sending commands to each device for each setting, which does have the advantage of working with any brand and protocol of bulb/dimmer/switch at the expense of speed--and sometimes more.)

It sounds like you might be describing the "Select button to push on scene activation" setting in the Groups and Scenes app. I'm not sure what people actually use this for, but what it does is have Hubitat pretend another button device was pushed when you activated this scene. This would be useful for triggering other automations based on the activation of a certain scene (though you could really use the scene's own on or pushed event for that; perhaps this is there since on might not be reliable enough if activated twice in a row and both are just one of two options so you'd never know which event to subscribe to). It is not for configuring a button device to use to activate the scene itself. For that, you'll need to use another app--examples of which include Rule Machine or Button Controller (which if you didn't know, choosing "Button Device" as a trigger capability in RM gives you more or less the BC interface plus the more powerful actions of RM, so it's what I'd pick).