Stringify Shutting Down

Just got this email today. I haven't used the service in many years but found it interesting none the less. Hopefully, not too many of you are using it.

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Wow I know they got purchased by Comcast but I didn't think they were shutting down.
They were more powerful than IFTTT but it was kind of difficult to use, and limited in weird ways.

Pour one out for Stringify tonight.



This is a reminder that these kinds of services should not be relied upon as a primary source for automation or control.


Good thing RM 3.0 is right around the corner.


I tried Stringify for a while but dropped it as soon as they announced the Comcast purchase. I even requested they remove my account completely. I suspect plenty of others did the same.

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I did.... I hate comcrap

I did the same after I have no use of Wink. It was great for Wink and ST intergration.

I spent some time today disconnecting all my services and then sent the request to close my account. It occurred to me that once the service is shut down, the terms of service that both we can Comcast are bound by will be invalid. So technically, if we have anything still connected to their service, Comcast might be able to do with it as they please and I'm not down with that.

But they would then have to get your consent to do anything as there was no longer an agreement in place. Not a lawyer though so can't say for certain.

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Maybe, but I'm not sure what they are legally entitled to do either, so I thought better to disconnect before removing the account.

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I absolutely agree with this. Also all your "old" data will probably be sold to the highest bidder..



Not to be cynical but sadly these are cynical times. So they can collect and sell your data BEFORE they deactivate the app..

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Whilst I'm also a COB (cynical old bxstard)
If they do sell my information on they will be breaking EU GDPR rules.
If they operate in the UK, which they do I suppose as I subscribed to it, then by law they MUST follow these rules. This means they cannot release my information on unless I have given my consent. (I think). :smile:


No doubt that has already been happening. All I'm saying it the gravy train ends today. They were bound to terms of service before. Now they will not be. I don't expect the Stringify folks to be careless with my data, but I do expect that from Comcast. They already have the right to look at all data you send and receive when you use their service.

In Canada that is not currently allowed to retain data, but Rogers and Bell are trying to change that. I have not yet, but do plan to go dark when that occurs.

Yes, GDPR will protect you. Americans and Canadians have equal protections.

Yeah you guys are way ahead of us - we in the US haven't figured out how to properly protect normal privacy though medical privacy stuff's getting there.

What do you internet?

He may have gone dark already. Don't expect a reply.


:rofl: No @denise.grider
Going dark is a slang for encrypting all your data via a VPN or other means. So I'm on the internet, but my ISP will not be able to read my traffic. All data will be unintelligible and only when it exits from the VPN provider to the internet will it be readable if I'm not using end to end encryption, such as an SSL connection to the site or service.