String token delimited by Chr

RM action returns empty string variable Str2:
Set Str2 with token(1) delimited by '.' from variable: Str1(2.22)


The "tokenize" operation uses a regular expression (regex) as the token. Internally, this is implemented with the Java/Groovy split() method. This is why "escaping" the period (which is a special character in a regex) provides the output you're looking for.


It sounds like it is taking the delimiter as a raw input to a regular expression. That's kind of interesting. I wonder if it would work with something like [;:]? So it would break on either a colon or semicolon.

It doesn't really apply to anything. I didn't know RM could do something like that and find it mildly interesting. :slight_smile:

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I have been using delimited for so many functions. I wanted a way to grab a decimal number ending 2.10 that displays in format is 2.1 without the "0". By converting the decimal to a string, and adding "0" to the end of the string for a number that is delimited in Str2 < 10, I can get the format that I want for a string conversion number like "2.10". For now, I have been sending decimal numbers to a Hubitat competitor and having it send back a formatted string ie: Send decimal 2.1 and get back String "2.10". Tree.log, thanks for the "For now". bertabcd1234, thank you. You answered my question "why?"

The end result I was looking for ...