String list

hi all, can someone please point me to the list of system strings that can be used in text alert? I've come across ones like %date%, %time%, %value%, etc. I'd like to insert the device name instead of the device label and %device% does the label. Thanks.

Is there a specific selection of characteristics you are looking for?

This specific use is in the HSM. All my devices are labeled with 3 digit number for and I made the device name what it actually is, i.e. Powder Room Water sensor. When I create the text alert for said sensor, I get Water detected on 171... which is the label, I'd like for it to text the name instead. I figured there'd have to be a list somewhere of the built-in string names that I could save the whole list and be able to reference later.

If label is set it takes priority over name. I suggest you set name to the number and label to the text.

Thanks, I was hoping for a %name% string or something similar but I guess I'll have to convert, thanks.