Streamlining Holiday Lighting rules

Hey guys I have a bunch of RGBCCT light strips in various rooms throughout the house that I use for accent lighting. I typically have them set to activate to a random color when triggered by motion or coming on with the room lights with various rules. Recently I've been building rules to make them alternate between specific colors for various holidays/season (orange/purple for halloween, red/green for christmas etc).

However because I'm having to create separate rules for each device and trigger, the amount of rules is getting quite excessive. Plus every time I add a new accent strip somewhere I have to add a new set of "regular" and "holiday" rules for the device. I'm trying to think of ways to streamline the process. I currently use a Hub Variable "Holiday Modes". This variable is set each morning based on the calendar date (Normal vs Halloween vs Christmas etc). Then the Hub Variable is used as a condition for whether to set the lights using "normal" or one of the holiday conditions.

I realize I could combine these three rules into a single rule but it would be pretty cumbersome and you'd have to keep adding more IF THEN conditions for each holiday I add in the future.

One idea I had was to create a Hub Variable for a specific color palette based on the Holiday Mode. So if Holiday Mode = Halloween, then "Color 1" = orange and Color 2" = purple. Would I be able to then just use those to set the colors for all my devices? Could I just use a numerical Hub Variable and use that to set the Hue value? (e.g. Color 1 = 8 and Color 2 = 74 for orange/purple).

I'll have to play with a bit but I feel like that's a better process than creating so many separate rules and conditions...


Try the Holiday Lighting app

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