Strange zigbee behavior after v135

After loading v135 (last week), i've noticed a new strange behavior from my zigbee devices.

I can toggle switches on and off, either through the dashboard or on the device in HE . The state of the device toggles as expected but the physical switch doesn't change... stays either on or off.

Has anyone else experienced this..?

i need to then repair the device..

This is occurring to almost all my zigbee devices from various brands.

So the switch LED isn't updating when the state changes? It never updates, or updates after some period of time?

What make/model switches are affected?

Have you tried shutting down the hub, pulling power, and then plugging it back in to restart it?

danabw, its a jasco switch but its happening on all my zigbee devices like the Sinope water switch i have as well.

Recycling the hub did help....

but this appears to be a daily thing... do i need to recycle my hub every 12 hrs ?? otherwise the hub is completely undependable.


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well this is interesting, Hubitats inbuilt in drivers only send events based on responses from the devices, they do not send events based on commands sent to the driver.
Do these devices report correctly when activated physically?
Can you send me your hub id?, I'll have a look at your engineering logs.

You do have some application errors that are displayed in the live logs, these should be resolved.
Are you using any Sonoff S31Lite outlets?, these have shown to be problematic in some C8 environments.
I also noticed that you're using some usr drivers for several of the Jasco Zigbee devices, is there a particular reason for this, and was the jasco device mentioned above using a user driver?
In regards to the Sinope valve reporting that its in a physical state that it's not after sending it a command, I'm just not seeing how this is possible in the driver code.
So with that device can you send me the live logs for this device when debug logging is enabled and you have commanded open/close from the driver?

Mike thanks for looking into this !!!!

yes im using a couple Sonoff outlets...

Re jasco driver YES i'm using a user driver i found on our community forum.. The "generic Zigbee switch" is not dependable and appears to work on occasion but not consistently.. So i was looking for another...

My biggest issue is that my zigbee's all seems to sporadically not respond.. and the only way i can get them, to is t repair or reboot the hub.

This isnt a driver issue.
I do need to see the Sinope valve logs as mentioned.

@fdelima you should consider deleting your hub ID from post #6 above. Mike was suggesting you PM it to him. You don’t want the rest of the world to know what it is, though.

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Mike, i am waiting for the issue to occur again on the sinope... so that i can capture the logs and send to you.. Since I recycled my hub 2 days ago, it hasnt recurred.