Strange issue after updating to

Right after updating my C-7 hub tonight to both my wife's and my own Samsung Presence Sensors starting alternating between Present and Not Present. They would both go to Not Present and stay that way for about a minute (guessing on the time) and then go back to being Present. Within a few seconds or less they both would then go back to Not Present and kept repeating this cycle. This caused some rules to fire repeatedly with them. After pausing those rules that were getting really annoying with lights going on and off and HSM changing to Away and Back, I ended up removing them and re-adding and they have behaved since. This is more or less just an FYI now as I have it fixed but was odd.

hopefully it is figured out becuase this is going to be a problem in one of my houses which is empty so i cannot remove and re-add the devices.

I think saving the preferences for the devices has been working to fix this issue for others.


That did it for me.

After the latest Hub update, my Dashboard Links don't work. I get the following pop-up in my web browser: "Please use regular 'Link' template instead of 'Dashboard link'."

This is a known issue. We plan to change this, to bring back Dashboard Links. Suggest you not fix this by any work-around in the meantime.

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