Strange Behaviour wth Webcore and Virtual Devices

Hi , hoping someone can help or explain the following :

I have setup a Virtual Switch in Hubitat and I can control it through webcore.

The issue is that i did the following :
1- With Virtual Switch
2- Turn on
3-Refresh the Virtual switch

I normally always use the Refresh for physical devices but i inadvertently used it for a Virtual Device.

What i noticed (and validated in the logs) is that the Virtual Switch does get "Turned on" but then gets reset with the Refresh.

any idea why ?

Check if the virtual switch auto-turn off is not enabled in the device setting within HE.

eibyer thanks for your quick response ..

I will do that when get home ... and i dont have the remote connection plan.

Your response is intriguing.... I have seen that setting but unclear what its set at.

Is this something you have experienced as well ?

In the Devices section of HE. I had encountered this before when it was set to auto-off after a few seconds, I don't remember how it was set.